New Cases Of Ebola Are Confirmed We Highlight The Need For Global Coordination In The Field Of Distance Education.

Consulcesi Club is proud to present a unique audio-visual film: a captivating and dramatic feature-length film with the scientific advice of world-class doctors and institutions. "E-Bola" is the first example of a series of "training films" that will all be viewable online for free, as an innovative and crucial form of "fresher training" for health professionals worldwide.

The project, aims to create a global coordination system for distance education, to better face present and future health emergencies, in cooperation with Italian and international institutions. With the film becoming a training and formation tool capable of raising the awareness of citizens and health professionals alike, all across the world.Thanks to the advice of world-class infectivologists, the film is scientifically rigorous to point of being of educational value.

The film is supplemented by the "training pills" that contain the actual course approved by AGENAS (National Agency for Regional Health Services), the public institution in charge of supporting the Italian Ministry of Health in the area of Continuing Medical Education (CME), which health professional are obliged to undergo by law. An innovative methodology that thanks to Consulcesi Club will soon be available worldwide for free, and is already available in France and the United States.